Southern Andiron and Tool

Fire has a long history as a life-source and a gathering place; where stories come to life and the fire in front of you is as tangible as the people surrounding you. When andirons first became popular in America in the 1600’s, they made it much easier to build a wood fire to cook and heat the house. Trey and Marjorie Miller believe that andirons still hold that same potential for us today; while we may not be cooking over our fireplace anymore, we certainly love to gather around and tell stories still. With their signature and vintage product offerings, our goal is to revitalize the fireplace in your home and bring community back to the heart (and hearth) of our lives in the digital age.

What is an Andiron?

Andiron: /’an,dīern/ · (noun) a metal support, typically one of a pair,
that holds wood burning in a fireplace.

Why Andirons?

Our forefathers were pretty sharp when it came to fireplaces. They had to be. Considering that back then it wasn’t just for aesthetics our atmosphere, it was how you heated your home, cooked your food, and heated your water, they had to be! Maximum airflow and durability were essential to an efficient constantly burning fire. Andirons made that possible by keeping the underbelly of your fire full of hot coals and the wood above burning with plenty of oxygen. Plus, one pair of properly cast Andirons would last generations. Just as they do today.

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