Highland Hiker Fly Fishing Starter Kit



Shopping for the beginner angler in your circle can be a daunting task, especially when you are in the dark about what it takes to get started. Let us help! The package we’ve put together at Highland Hiker has everything the beginning fisher-person needs to get started and we’ve kept it quite universal so whether the angler you have in mind is chasing down bass in a lake or trout in a stream, we’ve got you covered. It begins with the Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack with enough room for all of your gear out on the water without inhibiting your cast. We’ve Included the Simms Retractor and Guide Nippers as they make cutting line and tying on flies easy and accessible. A two-sided fly box to keep your dry flies and nymphs on opposite sides. A copy of the Curtis Creek Manifesto- an illustrated intro to fly-fishing that will have you going back again and again for how-to info on knots, fly selection, and reading water. Of course, no fishing kit is complete without a lucky fishing hat and we include it along with all the rest. A one-stop gift box for the person in your life taking up fly fishing for just