Highland Hiker Questions with Answers

Q. How can I check my order status?

A. If you chose to register for an account with HighlandHiker.com, you can simply log into your account to view the status of your order.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Q. Do you have a print catalog?

A. Highland Hiker does not have a print catalog at this time. Our products change with the season and our catalogs could become inaccurate as the availability of product changes. That is why we have created our website to provide you with the most up-to-date product availability possible.

Q. Do you accept phone orders?

A. Yes, we do! If you have shopped our retail stores and/or our website but are still unsure of putting your personal information through a computer, simply call us at (828) 526-5298 to place your order with our sales staff.

Q. Can I send a check or money order for payment?

A. Yes. Simply select this option at check out, print your order, and enclose your order with payment in a stamped envelope. You can send your order to:

Highland Hiker
Attn: Online Sales
PO Box 2095
Highlands, NC 28741

Q. Do you charge sales tax?

A. We do charge 6.75% sales tax on all orders shipped to any North Carolina location.

Q. Do you have a retail store I can shop?

A. Yes. We have 3 stores for you to shop while you are in Highlands & Cashiers, NC. Go to our About Us to learn more about each individual store, the products they carry, and the folks committed to giving you a great shopping experience.

Q. Why do you have more in your retail store than your online store?

A. Our website is ever evolving to bring you a wider variety of products. However, some products change with the season and are in limited supply to begin with. Other products we do not offer because you do not get to feel, touch, or try on to get the best feel for what you are buying. These items we reserve for our customers to purchase while visiting the Highland Hiker in Highlands, NC and Cashiers, NC.

Q. You offer some products on your website but not in your retail store. Why?

A. Some of the products listed on our web site sell better online than they do locally. We determine where we will offer our product to our customers based on sales history of an item. This helps Highland Hiker ensure that the customer has the most popular selections to choose from.

Q. Where do I learn more about the Highlands, NC, and Cashiers, NC area?

A. We have devoted several pages of our website to provide you with information about the area. All of the information you will find has been written either by Highland Hiker employees or residents of the Highlands and Cashiers, NC area.

Q. I am a bit confused on what product is best for me.

A. Not a problem. We have created a variety of pages to help you decide which product is best for you. From learning how to operate & choose an altimeter, to hiking trails of the area, we have plenty of useful information for you. If you can not find the info you are looking for, please contact us and our staff will help you locate the information you desire.

Q. Do I have to create an account to shop your store?

A. Absolutely not! We provide our customers with the option of being a registered customer to speed their order process in the future and to notify them of Highland Hiker events. Choosing not to register with our site will not lower the quality of service you receive.

Q. My computer is not hungry. Why are you giving it cookies?

A. Cookies are no longer just sweet rewards from Grandma’s kitchen. Today, cookies are also little packets that websites will save to your computer so that they can recognize you in the future. Our cookies also help us retrieve your shopping cart contents in the event that you are pulled away from your shopping Highland Hiker.

Our cookies do NOT mine for personal data on your computer, will not steal your Credit Card information, do anything to harm your computer, or delete your e-mails. Our cookies are 100% safe to have stored on your computer. However, if you choose, you can block cookies in your web browser and we will still give you the same great shopping experience the rest of our customers receive.

Please feel free to contact us HERE with any other question or concern.

Thank you for visiting Highland Hiker.